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Boscolo Hotel Budapest

This fascinating Boscolo Hotel Budapest can be found in the heart of Budapest on the Elisabeth Ring-road.
The Boscolo Hotel Budapest opens its gates with 107 rooms to the general public longing for luxury and high life. 58 Boscolo Experience rooms, 22 Boscolo Deluxe Experience rooms, 21 Junior Suites, 4 Suites and 2 Royal Suites welcome visitors.

Available for guests:

  • 24 hours room service
  • luxury chauffeur service
  • baby-sitter service
  • rent a car
  • internet access
  • secretary service
  • business centre


In the accelerated world of today there is a need for such a place where one can rest & relax and enjoy the beneficial result of various special treatments. The outside world can be totally excluded whilst in the Spa and guests can indulge themselves in treatments promising “eternal life” with the help of professional masseurs and therapists. The unique formation and atmosphere of Spa gives an incomparable experience to visitors.

Conference rooms of the Boscolo hotel:

Situated on the first floor of the hotel, the VIP Lounge, breakfast or banqueting hall, and 1 large and 3 smaller conference rooms each holding the most up-to-date of audio-visual equipment. Appropriate to arrange any kind of, meeting, conference, training program, cocktail parties or business dinners. The seating capacity of the breakfast hall is that of 80 persons or 120-150 persons for a standing reception. The VIP Lounge with its Business Centre offers a perfect location for press conferences, presentations & meetings for 12-15 persons completed by a smaller Coffee Lounge. The Conference Centre accommodating a maximum of 225 persons is made up of 1 large room and holds the special capacity of transforming into 3 smaller rooms. As a bonus, two of these small rooms can be individually separated allowing for smaller meetings though with a communal Foyer between them.

The New York Palace glories in having the marvellous -Deepwater- Restaurant, the legendary New York Café, an enchanting Cigar bar and a breakfast lounge. Each agenda has its own special atmosphere enabling guests to choose between a quiet corner for an intimate chat or dinner at a teeming coffeehouse table, according to their mood. The New York Café is the most significant and most well known part of the hotel. The four-floor arrangement and decorations of the original Café have preserved the former splendour thanks to the work of excellent master restorers and is a place for anybody just to sit beside a cup of coffee whilst reading from a wide selection of daily papers and magazines either on the Gallery, in the White Hall, or in the Lotz/Red Hall. In the Deepwater hotel restaurant you can choose from any of the chef-d’oeuvres of Italian cuisine, created by the excellent chefs of the hotel. With its unique cosmopolitan atmosphere the Cigar Bar will surely become the haunt of cigar-lovers from all over.

About the hotel building:

Contemporary New York Palace is the rethinking of the original edifice built in 1894 by the creative ideas of Maurizio Papiri and Ádám Tihanyi D. The building has an eclectic style relying on the Italian renaissance however modern contemporary interior design has gained ground in the formation of inner spaces creating one of the most dignified hotels within the Boscolo Group.
The opulent splendour of New York Palace can be recognized not only in forms but materials as well. Exclusive high quality materials decorate the building, such as the most prestigious of Italian marbles (Carrara, Giallo Siena, Botticino, etc.). The most accented part of the impressive building is the ground floor Café with its 16 devilish fauns and – El Ashmodai the ancient figure of coffee and meditation – holding the lantern in such style and propagating the spirituality of the New York Café. All marbles, textiles and furnishings for the Hotel come from the original home of style and design: Italy. Inner spaces are decorated with bronze statues the ceiling with the marvellous original panel paintings of Gusztáv Mannhemer and Ferenc Eisenhut in the halls. 










































Ever wondered what Budapest would look like at night? Well, simply stunning! A perfect way to end a marvellous night in Budapest, or even a perfect way to start it! See Budapest By Night is a must­have experience, with its luminescent style and relaxed, contemporary vibe, Budapest at night is unquestionably the city for everyone. What's better than seeing the illuminated sights of the Castle of Buda, the Parliament, the Chain Bridge and the famous view from the highest point of the City, the Citadell. But before the tour, enjoy an unforgettable folklore night with live music and traditional Hungarian food!






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